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ABOUT Claudia De Vos

Claudia De Vos (1964)

is an artist and scent psychologist from the Netherlands.

After finishing Art school (HKU) in '89 Claudia has been working as an artist. Around 2000 she added a new dimension to her work. Through the years Claudia has developed an interest in the senses and – more specific – the olfactory sense: scents, odors, aromas.

In order to establish a firmer knowledge base concerning the functioning and effects of scents she followed a professional study on aromatherapy and the psychology and psychoanalytic ideas of C.G. Jung


"My expertise is the psychodynamics and the symbolism of natural scents versus active compounds and use of essential oils. I give lectures and trainings on the psychology of scent and scent awareness. Next to this, as one of the outputs on scent awareness, I make olfactory art. The collection contains ceramic objects combined with mixed media and scents, inspired by natural fragrances and their personal history and feel.
I wrote many articles on scents and desiged as well a children's work-book on scent awareness, "De geurtuin" (The fragrant garden)


Claudia works via her company 'Zes zintuigen' (translated: Six senses). Besides her new childrensbook she also has designed a range of Aromatherapycards to help introduce people to the world of natural scents and guide them in their journey of personal development.


As exchange and awareness of aromatic knowledge is a drive of her company, she travels around the world for the latest innovations, traditions and development around aroma science and scents.
On these journeys she meets many other inspiring aromatic innovaters. All of her experiences are incorporated in her lectures, training and publications.

More information on her specific background and education you can find: HERE