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M e e t i n g  w o r l d  n o s e s

Chris Kilham, 'Medicine Hunter'

(United States) 2010

The great International symposium for aromatherapy and Medical Plants in Grasse(F) is a superb meeting place for many Global NOSES. Claudia was at the symposium to present her work on ART and fragrance for the first time abroad. She met many interesting people such as scientists, (ethno)botanists, aroma specialists, perfumers, engineer-disitillers and aroma industrial owners from all over the world.


One of them and lecturing on the conference was the American ‘Medicine Hunter’ Chris Kilham. Chris is specialised in finding natural cures and remedies in the out bounds of the world. He wrote several books on the subject and presents his journeys in his televionshow “Medicine Trail” for Fox TV. He takes great effort in creating fair trade between aboriginals and indutries.

Claudia and Chris took the occasion to spend some time in the botanical gardens of the 'Musée International de la Parfumerie' (near Grasse) to exchanche visions on ways how to nurture nature and the use of medical and aromatic plants. The common thought this afternoon was: if you have experienced the power of natures gifts, you will respect it and never do anything to harm earth.

MIP Botanical gardens: 979 chemin des Gourettes – Mouans-Sartoux

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Chris Kilham